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CD 1


01 Music
02 At Cana – turning water into wine
03 Walking to Capernaum – come and see
04 Up to Jerusalem – with a leader of the Jews
05 Samaria – by a well
06 Back in Cana – healing a boy a day’s journey away
07 Jerusalem – Bethesda, with an invalid of 38 years
08 Across from Capernaum – feeding 5,000 people
09 Music
10 End of feeding 5,000 people
11 Sea of Galilee – walking across the water
12 Capernaum – I am the Bread of Life
13 Jerusalem – giving sight to the man born blind
14 Jerusalem – I am the Good Shepherd
15 Bethany – calling Lazarus from the tomb
16 Music
CD 2 01 Music
02 Bethany – Jesus anointed
03 Riding into Jerusalem – Hosanna they cried
04 At supper – washing the disciples’ feet
05 At supper – gifts for the disciples
06 At supper – guidance for the disciples
07 At supper – Jesus prays
08 Music
09 The Garden of Gethsemane – arrested… and denied!
10 At the Praetorium – questioned by Pilate
11 Golgotha – crucified!
12 Golgotha – prophecies fulfilled
13 The third day – sorrow turns into joy
14 In rooms and on the beach – appearances and more appearances!
15 Music
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