Daily devotional now available

Christine-Anne always intended for the audio version of her retelling of the gospel of John to be accompanied by a devotional workbook. Today we are able to share it for the first time, and it is downloadable by clicking on the download menu and scrolling to the bottom.

The workbook includes the transcript of the CD alongside daily prompts to consider, verses to ponder and challenges for building a life in Christ.


The CDs are going out…

With the help of Fiona, we managed to send out over 200 CDs last week – some to people Christine-Anne knows, and others to church groups where she has given talks as the Servant Girl and the people expressed an interest in the CD!

So far we know CDs have gone to France and Australia… with another one bound for South Africa.

If you are helping spread the news of ‘In John it says…’ around the world, please do let us know…


Exciting news…

… the first batch of our CDs have arrived! The two-CD set is narrated by the author, Christine-Anne Searancke,  of the account of Jesus’ life as told from the perspective of a servant girl.

Christine-Anne is a professional storyteller and has made her account free for use and it is available for download from this website, alongside a transcript and workbook (still in preparation).

CDs can be ordered via our Contacts page.